The factory is located in the Nanzhuang Foshan.whitch is the famous origin of ceramic in China

Foshan SUNDARE Building Materils Co.Ltd

FOSHAN SUNDARE BUILDING MATERIALS CO.LTD is a modem erteprise The factoy is located in the Nanzhuang Foshan,whitch is the famous orioin of ceramic in China,produciamous main oriain of 600*60mm,00*800mm. and also 300*300mm.40-4mm.500"50mm.

600*900mm.600"12mm.1000*10mm,1200"120mm.800"1600mm. 750"1500mm available.

Following the operation concept of "Quality first, customer foremost, orofessiomal team for services" SUNDARE CERAMICS constantly provides ceramic products suitable to common comsumpion,in the aspect of opening up market,the company takes long and steady sales tacics and high-qualty service,establishes huge sales network system at home and abroad,its products gain praises of consumers once going into the market.

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Development history


We wish sundare creamics can sell tiles to all over the world

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